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1. Acquire the skills to profit consistently from the Forex market using ratios and harmonics in just 1 hour a day without having to deal with 101 confusing indicators.

2. Achieve amazing risk to reward in your trades by picking market turning points with the Harmonic system. Easily make 2 units of returns with every unit risked.

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We regularly hold educational seminars in Singapore together with many reputable financial institutions. 

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 We currently run 2 courses in Singapore suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. We also run a prop trading program where graduates will get an opportunity to manage funds for our prop fund partner.

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 We share our thoughts about the market every single week on our blog. We might not be right all the time, but we are pretty consistent with the way we analyze the market using harmonics.

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Founded since 2013, Harmonicforex (HFX Pte LTD) is dedicated to share with the world the highest quality of Harmonic trading education that often gets lost among many other successful trading systems. We were all traders who had no clue on how to trade profitably before we discovered the power of Harmonics. Harmonic trading turns a few individual Fibonacci lines into high probability trading ideas that generated year after year of profits for us.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as probably the most transparent Forex educator in Asia and often the broker’s #1 choice when it comes to quality trading education for their clients.

If this is your first time here, first look through our blog, where we share every single week about potential trading setups that we feel can net you guys some profits. If you are based in Singapore, you are welcomed to hear us speak publicly about how Harmonics, combined with proper risk management strategies can turn ordinary people into professional traders


—To empower everyone to make a consistent income from trading


—To be Asia’s most trusted trading mentor, providing the highest quality of Forex trading education

All trading ideas shared are not to be taken at face value. For best results, it has to be combined with a good risk management system where we risk no more than 2% of our equity per trade 
We will only share information that we deem is beneficial to our followers. 

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Meet the team behind Harmonicforex

Formally a successful banker, Terry Tan is now the founder and trainer of HarmonicForex. He has been trading Forex since age 19 and has made more than 40% annual returns for the last 4 years. A huge advocate of risk management, he believes that Harmonic pattern trading coupled with good risk management can turn anyone into a successful trader. To enable his vision, he started conducting live seminars sharing about the HarmonicForex trading system since 2013 and has been featured alongside many other prolific experts in the media. His vision is to make HarmonicForex the #1 choice for trading education in Asia by focusing on being transparent, constantly delivering results and over-delivering value all the time to all his clients.

Snehath Dias is the Chief trainer of Harmonicforex.  Snehath has proven to many that despite a busy schedule juggling with a demanding full time job and family, Forex trading can actually enhance the quality of one’s life where he now regularly pays off his monthly expenses just from the profits of his Forex account. Snehath was once an “NSL” trader who believed that the market would never go against him. That made him experience “Margin Call” for the first and last time in his life. He is now the stingiest trader of the team and does not risk not more than 1% of his equity per trade. He believes that swing trading in the higher timeframe is a sustainable way to profit from the Forex market and he would love to empower people with this skill.

Wee Boon Hooi is the business development director of Harmonicforex. Bringing close to 20 years of corporate and proprietary trading experience to the team, his vision is to make Harmonicforex the #1 Harmonic trading portal in the world leveraging on strategic tie ups with our corporate partners and constantly deliver quality trading ideas to the community. Once a prop trader that handles trades close to $1m/trade ,he is now a satisfied full time trader who can afford to regularly spend time with his family while focusing on giving back to the community by sharing his life knowledge here.

Over 20 seminars and 7000 people reached, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

We are nothing without our community, and we will do our best to keep helping them grow!

The Harmonicforex team is one of the most transparent educators I worked with. With them, I finally understood the importance of a stop loss and I broke all my previous records in trading!
Isaac Kang, Engineering
I appreciate how accurate the entry, stops and targets were shared in the course. I learned alot more about the mental thought process of becoming a trader than I expected.I also love the fact that I can now filter lousy harmonic trades out from good ones!
Ch Su, Business Owner
I made 470 pips in January and 442 pips in February 2014 after attending the course. Thanks for the constant tips from the trainers and constant support to us even though we have long graduated.
Hwee Fong, HR Professional